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Novel Alzheimer's Disease Amyloid β Polymorph Now Revealed!

2023.4.27 New members joined the group!
2023.3.27 Yu, Tsukito (Bachelor), Hibiki, Ryo, and Libby (Master) received their degrees and graduated!
2023.2.6 M2 students (Hibiki, Ryo, Libby) finished their thesis defenses!
2022.10.20 A new member, Takuro and Takumi, joined the group!
2022.3.28 Tatsuhiro (Bachelor) received his degree and graduated!
2021.10.21 Collaboration work with Dr. Matsunaga (RIKEN, Japan) was published by J. Biomol. NMR in a novel solvent suppression method effective for solid-state NMR!
2021.10.18 New members, Yu (B3) and Tsukito (B3), joined the group!
2021.10.1 New members joined the group!
2021.9.24 Ryotaro received his master's degree and graduated!
2021.8.27 Prof. Ishii and Master students (Ryotaro and Hibiki) joined ISMAR–APNMR–NMRSJ–SEST 2021 (Aug. 22–27, 2021, on-line, chaired by Osaka Univ.) and made presentations there!
Hibiki (M1) won the APNMR Poster Award at the conference! Congrats, Hibiki!!
2021.8.2 Ryotaro (M2) finished his thesis defense!
2021.7.26 Ayesha's paper was published in J. Am. Chem. Soc.!
2021.6.30 Ayesha received her Ph.D. degree and graduated! Congrats, Ayesha!
2021.4.1 New members, Libby (M1) and Ryo (M1), joined the group!
2021.3.26 Kouhei (Bachelor), Kousuke, Kenta, Kentaro, and Lillo (Master) received their degrees and graduated!
2021.2.3 M2 students (Kousuke, Kenta, Kentaro, and Lillo) finished their thesis defenses on Zoom!
2020.11.19 Ryotaro (M2) won the Young Poster Award at the 59th Annual Meetings of the NMR Society of Japan (2020)! Congrats, Ryotaro!!
2020.10.27 Collaboration work with Dr. Matsunaga (RIKEN, Japan) was accepted by J. Magn. Reson. in a novel cross polarization method!
2020.10.26 New members, Tatsuhiro (B3) and Fumito (B3), joined the group!
2020.4.2 New member, Nami (M1), joined the group!
2020.3.26 Fumiya (Bachelor), Takaya, Ryo, Yuki (Master), and Isamu (Doctor) received their degrees and graduated!
2020.2.7 M2 students (Takaya, Ryo, and Yuki) finished their thesis defenses!
2020.1.10 Isamu's paper was published in J. Biol. Chem.! Congrats, Isamu!
2019.10.30 New members, Kouhei (B3) and Hibiki (B3), joined the group!
2019.9.21 Joined RIKEN Yokohama Open Day as host!
2019.9.7 Prof. Ishii and M2 students (Takaya, Ryo, and Yuki) joined EUROISMAR 2019 (Aug. 25–30, 2019, Berlin, Germany) and made presentations there!
2019.7.11 "Research" updated!
2019.6.3 New member, Dr. Shigemitsu (PD), joined the group!
2019.4.10 New member, Lillo (M1), joined the group!
2019.1.31 An article published last year was selected as "Most-read Publication Award 2018" in J. Magn. Reson.!
2018.10.16 Site open!

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